Military Sergeant Reunited With Loyal Dog He Met in War Zone (VIDEO)

mark stanhope and steveWhen Sergeant Mark Stanhope was thousands of miles away from his home in St. Petersburg, Florida, serving in Kuwait, he met someone who changed his life: Steve. An adorable dog who made life in a war zone seem ... okay. Stanhope says of his time with Steve, "It was something to distract you from your mission and stuff like that. You could just forget about your troubles and just do what you do back in America."

Unfortunately, one night, while hanging with his new friends, Steve was attacked by another animal. And it looked like he was going to have to be put down. But then Sergeant Stanhope hatched a plan. He adopted Steve.


According to Stanhope, many people told him that there would be too many hoops to jump through to try to adopt the pup, but he didn't care. Steve was his buddy and he wanted to do the right thing. He formed the group Friends of Steve, raised $1,800 with the help of fundraisers, and brought Steve to America.

Steve was the first of the duo to arrive, and then months later came Sergeant Stanhope. The two are now permanently reunited, and Mark had this touching thing to say about his special bud: "We just think Steve is like our refugee that we liberated and brought back to America. He served plenty of duty over there helping out all the soldiers for two or three years."

I'm sure Mark made plenty of lifelong friends while serving our country in Kuwait, but I doubt any like Steve. I'm so glad he went through the trouble of bringing his pal home with him -- it definitely seems like it's where he should be. 

Check out Mark and Steve.

How adorable is this?

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