Casey Anthony Jury Revelation Makes Verdict Even More Surprising

juryThe list we've been waiting for is out. The names of all 12 people who sat on a jury and decided that Casey Anthony was not guilty in the murder of daughter Caylee plus the alternates. And now that we know their family backgrounds, the fact that Anthony walked free is nothing short of a miracle.

Let me just say that I've always had nothing but sympathy for these people. It's a tough job to have the fate of a woman's life in your hands. And they have been through hell simply for doing what they were instructed by a judge: weighing the merits of the prosecution's case to determine a verdict.


But now that they aren't just an anonymous group simply known as "the jurors," I want to climb up on the world's highest mountain and start to clap for them. Hopefully they'll hear the echo over all the people booing.

Because when you consider their backgrounds, the joint decision really is something to be lauded. Of the 12 "main" jurors, six are parents. Another three of the alternates also have children of their own. Between them, that means Joan Meier, Raymond Screen, Harriet White, Brian Berling, Kathleen Nighland, Mary Fuhr, Elizabeth Jones, Ross Heukler, and Heather Feuerhake have 19 kids (including stepchildren). A total of three jurors -- including David Angelo and Kimberly Kimball, neither of whom has kids of their own -- work in some capacity with children (Heukler, father of a son and two stepchildren, is also a high school teacher).

That's eight people who have some involvement with kids. And not one of them let that color their decision to let a woman accused of killing her child to walk off scot-free.

Disagree with them as you might, that is exactly how the system is supposed to work. It may be overused, but the phrase "justice is blind" is just what our forefathers were shooting for. A jury of your peers is supposed to take the evidence and draft a verdict based on it. Not on their own feelings. Not on personal biases. On the facts of the case as presented in a courtroom.

The fact that nine parents and two people who work with children did not sabotage this case -- even if their hearts might have told them to -- makes me feel better about the justice system as a whole. These people did their jobs.

Are you surprised by the number of parents who were on the Casey Anthony jury?


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