Occupy Maine Protesters Won't Let a Little Bomb Attack Get Them Down

occupy maine signWhat seems to have been an act of violence meant to scare and intimidate Occupy Maine protesters may have actually emboldened them in their resolve to protest the injustices of the world. Far from relinquishing their camp in Portland's Lincoln Park, the protesters are digging in and more pissed off than ever.

Here's what happened: Around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, protesters were attacked by an unknown assailant who threw a homemade chemical bomb at their camp site. A silver sedan drove by the camp site a couple times, honked, and the passengers shouted insults, including, "Get a job" and "You communist." Then, they hurled a Gatorade bottle filled with an explosive liquid into the camp's communal kitchen area, causing a loud blast that lifted a large table off the ground.


There were a few minor injuries from the explosion: Namely, Stephanie Wilburn, a protester who was on guard duty when the bomb was thrown, suffered a sore throat from the chemicals released from the bottle and loss of hearing in one ear. But if you think for one second that she's -- or any of the protesters are -- going home because of this scare, well, then you really haven't been paying attention to the Occupy movement.

Here's Wilburn herself explaining how the bomb attack -- or any other threats for that matter -- aren't going to convince the protesters to go home:

We're stocked for the long haul ... We're ready for this. We're prepared. We're ready to stay here until something changes. A little bomb isn't going to scare us away.

Remember, these are people who have been sleeping in smelly parks for weeks on end. They've been stocking their camp with blankets and food and preparing to wait out the freezing cold months ahead. And, on top of all this, these are people who have suffered through layoffs and foreclosures on their home and every imaginable disappointment and upset. Sure, the recent bomb attack did force them to make some changes to their camp -- i.e., moving their tents toward the county court house (which they believe will provide them extra protection from future attacks). But as far as scaring them off for good?

Please. These protesters have more mettle than that.


Image via WCSH

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