2-Week-Old Baby Rescued From Earthquake Rubble Is a Miracle in So Many Ways (VIDEO)

baby rubbleIt was enough of a miracle that rescue workers in Turkey managed to pull a live 2-week-old baby girl from the rubble of an apartment building almost 48 hours after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake devastated the country. The recovery of that one tiny, vulnerable life was more than anyone could or would have dared to hope for.

But wait, there's more!

Not only was little Azra Karaduman a mere 14 days old, she was born three weeks premature. And not only did the baby make it out of the wreckage alive, her mother and grandmother did, too.

The more details we hear about this unbelievable rescue, the more obvious it becomes: This is like the miracle to end all miracles. It's the gift from the universe that keeps on giving.


Get this: The passageway from the outside of the ruins to where the family was trapped was so narrow that before any attempts to free them were made, officials had to find a thin-enough rescue worker for the job!

Luckily, the very slender Tansu Bayram was able to fit through the crevice. Azra's mother, Semiha, handed the baby to Tansu, who pulled her to safety -- the first time in 12 years of rescue work, he said, that he'd ever pulled someone out of earthquake rubble who was still alive.

Can you imagine? And that first person saved just happened to be a 14-day-old baby born three weeks premature?? Who, by the way, rescue workers say was clinging to her mother's shoulder when they found her. I know, I know. Heartbreaking.

Azra was immediately taken to the hospital, but appears to be in good health. Several more hours passed before mom Semiha and grandma Gulsaadet were saved, as more debris had to be cleared out of the way, but workers were able to get oxygen to the women in the meantime.

Of course, hundreds of lives have been lost (the death toll was up to 432 the last I heard), and one family's miracle doesn't take away the tragedies of so many other families. But this multi-generational, against-all-odds miracle should be recognized and celebrated, and recalled as a symbol of hope in challenging times to come.

Watch these rescue workers carrying Azra away from the wreckage and tell me ...

Does this story make you believe in miracles?


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