Madoff Daughter-in-Law Should Have Lost Money, Not Husband (VIDEO)

Stephanie Madoff Mack is the former daughter-in-law of Bernie Madoff, the most notorious white collar criminal in history, whose billion-dollar Ponzi scheme robbed thousands of their life savings. In her book The End of Normal, Mack details her family life married to Madoff's older son Mark Madoff, who committed suicide in December 2010.

The book went on sale last Thursday. Mack was on 20/20 last Friday and on The View Monday morning crying and reading her letters to Bernie. Clearly she is furious at her former father-in-law and her children, 5 and 3, are completely innocent victims in all this.

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She's lovely and she loved her husband. Throughout the book, she made that abundantly clear. But even though it's hard to remain unmoved by a story so tragic -- a young woman left alone with two children before she is even 40 -- it's hard to relate to her. 

Her life is so rarefied, few could imagine what it would be like. She had homes in Nantucket, Greenwich, Connecticut, and a $6 million loft in Manhattan's SoHo. And while she insists (and no proof has been offered otherwise) that her husband's business was legitimate while Bernie's scheme was separate, it's awfully hard to see her as the biggest victim when so many others were left destitute. 

Mark Madoff's suicide, while tragic, was one of four that came directly related to the Ponzi scheme. And while his life was highly disrupted by the fall-out, in the end, it was only money he lost. Yes, he also lost his reputation and his career, but both of those tie back to money. He still had his wife and his children and their love. It's the mark of a deeply flawed person to be so tied to money that they can't even live without it. 

Yes, of course, it's more complicated than simply money, but throughout the book, it was hard to keep reading knowing how much she still has. She didn't delve into the details of the money and where Mark got it. She also said she is being sued by many of those who lost all their money, but it's awfully hard to feel sorry for a person who still has three houses bought with Madoff money.

Money can't buy a person happiness. So perhaps the smartest thing the Madoffs could have done is offer up every penny they had -- their loft, their Nantucket mansion, their Greenwich home. If Mark Madoff had done that rather than hang himself, maybe more people would believe he was innocent.

In the end, he -- like his father -- couldn't do the right thing and separate what was really important from money. If his money was earned legally, one might ask why he should have to. The answer is simple: Because anything made at that firm was made on false pretense. People lost their life savings and were made destitute by what his father did. He should have known every cent he had was blood money.

And while my heart aches for the children and for Madoff Mack who is incredibly vulnerable in her courageous honesty, it's difficult to know how to feel about someone who cared so much for money, he saw no life without it.

Do you feel bad for Stephanie Madoff Mack?


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