Mount Etna Erupted and It's a Thing to Behold (VIDEO)

mt etnaMount Etna has erupted! Europe's biggest and most active volcano blew her top Sunday and started shooting lava 300 feet in the air. It's the 17th time Etna's erupted since the beginning of the year, but before that, she hadn't blown since 1992. So far there are no reports of injury or property damage; the only thing that's been affected is the nearby airport. It had to close due to the ash cloud coverage.

I suppose Sicilians in the area are getting pretty used to their local mountain belching forth tons of hot, fiery molten rocks, but that doesn't make it any less exciting for us outsiders. It's a gorgeous sight to behold!


We don't really have anything quite like this in North America, so we have to get our volcano fixes wherever we can get them. Seeing as this is the 18th time this year that Etna's erupted, I guess we'll probably get some more chances before January to behold Earth's hottest burp again, but hey. Ya never know.

While Etna's busy losing her lunch, there's a volcano in Iceland that scientists are keeping an eye on. If this bitch blows, we could run into some serious issues. They're saying the resultant ash cloud might be big and bad enough to shut down major western European airports for weeks. Yeep!

But before we start worrying about that, let's marvel at Etna. She's a good old girl and her lava spews are more for show than anything else. People from all over southern Italy travel to see her magnificence, but thanks to the Internet, we can watch it all go down from the comfort of our desk chairs. We're missing out on the loud booms and bangs she makes, but I'll be darned, that lava vomit is gorg.

Watch Mt. Etna erupt. Beautiful, no?


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