Brutal Burning & Murder of Gay Man Begs Us Not to Look Away (VIDEO)

Stuart WalkerI am literally sick to my stomach after reading about the horrific murder of 28-year-old Stuart Walker. But please, DO NOT LOOK AWAY when I tell you this man was tied to a lamppost, beaten, possibly raped, set on fire, and then killed in his small town in Scotland in the wee hours Sunday morning. The motive is not yet confirmed to be a hate crime, but this story has all the grisly makings of one. Walker was a well-liked, well-known, and openly gay man in a small town, and in his final hours, he was blatantly tortured and he suffered at the hands of one or more murderous evildoers.

I know you want to close your eyes now and look away (who wouldn't?), but there is something we all can do. THIS is what happens when we continue to allow our politicians, churches, families, and friends to deliver and encourage an anti-gay rhetoric. This "hate behavior," guised in morality, is only enabling these kinds of hate crimes to take place. We need to wake up and say NO MORE.


WATCH the disturbing report from Walker's hometown:

Of course, this horror story beckons back to the similarly brutal attack and murder of Matthew Shepard, which took place in Laramie, Wyoming in the late 1990s. It seems impossible to think that more than a decade later, crimes like this continue to occur. Even worse, they still occur and still don't even make headline news. A story like this should break and there should be a mass uprising against the very notion, and we shouldn't stop there.

Members of communities who adhere to anti-gay messages should be publicly shamed, or better yet condemned and ignored, for pushing a hateful agenda, which can propel and drive evil or even weak-minded thinkers to find peace in their decision to assault a person for his or her sexuality. This is not okay. Never okay. Needs to stop. It's sickening to think that many respected leaders are allowed to send subtle and not-so-subtle messages of gay hatred to their communities and even spend money and energy trying to take away or keep away their basic human and civil rights.

So PLEASE DO NOT LOOK AWAY from this latest murder. Stuart Walker was targeted. This was not a random killing or a robbery gone wrong. He was gruesomely and tortuously killed. Do not shake your head and go on with your day. Instead, maybe there's a way you can make an effort to stand up against anti-gay messages in your communities.

Do you think we're responsible as a society for allowing such hate crimes to take place?


Image via The Telegraph

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