Obama's $35,000-a-Plate Dinner Feeds All the Wrong People

obama tacoOh-bama! Looks like tonight is going to turn out to be a veritable windfall for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, with back-to-back fundraisers hosted by some of Hollywood's brightest (or at least wealthiest) stars. First up: A $35,800 per-person dinner hosted by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith at the Los Angeles home of Hitch producer James Lassiter and his wife, Mai. Wondering whose pockets are deep enough for din-din with the prez? Attendees will include Troy Carter (Lady Gaga's manager) and his wife Rebecca and Def Jam senior vp Jay Brown and his wife Kawanna, head of Magic Johnson Enterprises.

Personally, I can think of a few folks Obama should add to the guest list. Low-maintenance types. The kind of people who would probably be perfectly willing to split an entree.


I'm talking, of course, about some of the very people Obama addressed in his jobs speech last month: The homeless population of Los Angeles. Not that they could all fit in the President's limo, of course -- at 11.9 percent (as of August), L.A.'s unemployment rate is still significantly higher than the national jobless rate of 9.1 percent.

Even so, certainly a handful of struggling SoCal residents could be accommodated. Obama could just swing by and pick up some local "job-seekers" who live under bridges and sleep on sidewalks on his way from the airport to hang with Will and Jada.

Or better yet, considering the fact that the average homeless person could live for a year on what their would-be fellow diners are paying for a plate, maybe a few guests would be willing to forgo their promised meal and give the money to a member of Obama's unemployed entourage instead. I mean, it's not like Lady Gaga's manager is gonna starve to death if he skips a meal, right? Anyway, I'm sure Will or Jada would slip him a bread basket or something.

As for Obama's re-election campaign, the second gala event of the evening should make up for any financial loss: Tickets for the Latino fundraiser to be held at the home of Melanie Griffith-Banderas and co-hosted by Eva Longoria aren't exactly cheap (between $5,000 and $35,800).

Would you pay $35,800 to eat dinner with Obama?


Image via Jorge Hernandez/Flickr

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