Casey Anthony May Get Super Rich From Sleazy NBC Deal

casey anthonySo, you know how all the networks are dying to get their greedy little paws on a Casey Anthony interview because it would be a ratings juggernaut, but they all refuse to pay a dime (despite offers that were once $1.5 million-plus) because they're all full of integrity and do hard journalism and whatnot? Well, NBC, crafty sons-of-a-gun that they are, just figured out a way to score an interview with America's Most Hated Woman without paying a cent, but while still making her a very, very rich lady.


See, if Casey Anthony agrees to do a sit-down with the peacocked network, it's not because they're going to write a check out to her per se, it's because they helped broker a very lucrative book deal for her.

Apparently, executives and producers at NBC have been reaching out to people in the literary world, trying to score a book deal for Anthony. One producer, who has contacted numerous agents, is saying that if he can score a book deal for Casey, she'll give the network a one-hour, primetime special, with some portions running on Today. However, he's standing his ground, gosh darn it, and he won't cough up a red cent to the accused murderer. Buuut, he is letting people know that Casey wants the money up front. And you thought integrity in journalism was dead.

If this bass-ackwards, cockamamie deal goes through -- and eventually one will -- we all lose. We all lose because it shows how we're still a nation where even the most horrible, vilified person is treated like a celebrity, as long as they can make someone money. I thought the original intent of not paying Casey Anthony for an interview was because she's a woman accused of murdering her child. She doesn't deserve money -- whether she did it or not. But I guess the real intent for yanking the pay offers off the table was so the networks didn't seem like they were the kind of folk who would throw money at a woman accused of murdering her child.

NBC may not be writing a check out directly to Casey Anthony, if this book deal/interview comes to fruition, but they're still paying her -- no matter how hard they try to make it seem otherwise.

Do you think NBC is still paying Casey Anthony by getting her a book deal?

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