Alien Filmed in Rainforest Looks, Um, Really Real (VIDEO)

alien in amazonThe little guy's to the left, by the tree!

The only thing I love more than an alien news story is an alien news story on a Friday. They're just so fun! Aliens on Earth? Who doesn't love that! So! On to the good stuff: An alien has been spotted in Brazil. Yep. A grayish extraterrestrial with a big head and small body was photographed standing next to a tree in the Amazon jungle. But that's not all. There's this weird, floating, flashing bright light right behind the little guy, too. Awesome.

I'll say what I always say about every alien story ever: Forget the others, I think this one is the real deal. There's video.


The exotic invader was supposedly filmed by two British tourists who were visiting the Manaus region of the Amazon. The camera's focused on the kids in the foreground (drats!), but in the background, you can make out the alien pretty well. He looks like he's arching his back, kind of like you do when you get out of the car after a long road trip. He's stretching after his long journey to Earth! Aliens are just like us!

Noted paranormal researcher and theorist Michael Cohen got a hold of the video and says that it's hard to discredit the compelling footage. Ehhhhh, I wouldn't go that far. There's tons of movie magic that people can do from their home computers. Heck, pay me enough and I'll dress up in an alien costume and let you take pictures of me in the woods. But I always want to err on the side of believing because otherwise it's not that fun. Otherwise it's a girl in an alien costume in the woods. Totally less exciting that way.

Cohen goes on to say that the Brazilian government has been watching that area in the Amazon for years -- it's supposedly a hot bed for alien activity. And I gotta say, if I were an alien? I would totally chillax in the biggest, densest rainforest on the planet which I invaded. There are humans in the Amazon that haven't had any contact with the outside world, so yeah, it's remote to say the least. Perfect place for hiding. And all the natural resources there would be an incredible boon to any foreigner, Earthling or not.

Wait. You don't think that the aliens are sucking up all the goodies in the Amazon, do you? Leave some cancer-fighting exotic plants for us too, little alien dude!

WATCH the video and tell me what you think. Kinda fun, right?


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