'Joey Quits' Is a Disgruntled Employee's Fantasy Come True (VIDEO)

joey quitsJoey DeFrancesco is my new hero! Better known as simply "Joey Quits," which is the title of his viral video sensation (two million hits and counting!), DeFrancesco struck a major chord with working class heroes the world over when he videotaped his resignation from the Providence Renaissance Hotel in Rhode Island. Why? Because 23-year-old DeFrancesco didn't just quit his job.


With the help of a 19-piece brass band! Now that's what I call "stickin' it to the man."

DeFrancesco worked at the hotel for over three years and was sick and tired of being treated like "sh*t," as he put it. If you've had one of those jobs (and haven't we all?), then you're no doubt familiar with the grandiose take-this-job-and-shove-it fantasies that inevitably begin to consume your every waking moment.


I've got to hand it to DeFrancesco: Not only did the guy come up with one of the funniest, most elaborately boss-humiliating fantasy resignations ever, he had the guts to actually make it a reality. (And videotape it, and put it on YouTube, bwahahahahaha!)

DeFrancesco's vision was simple: He would walk in to work accompanied by the aforementioned 19-piece brass band (he's usually the trumpet player) and hand his manager a letter of resignation, at which point the band would burst into song. Loudly. Success!

And that's exactly how it played out. Perfectly. I mean, a top Hollywood casting director couldn't have done a better job filling these roles: The Manager Who Hates His Life and Wants His Employees to Be Equally Miserable ("All of you out, now!"); The Handsome Young Hero Who Makes a Fool Out of Authority Figures. DeFrancesco, who looks like a cross between James Franco and a Say Anything-era John Cusack, might actually have a future in film.

Either way, DeFrancesco definitely made his mark. And I hope disgruntled workers everywhere are inspired to do the same. Keep your eyes open for my favorite part, the close-up of a "This department has worked 3 days without a lost time accident" sign:

Would you love to quit your job like Joey?


Image via YouTube

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