Insensitive Jerk Calls Missing Student Search Posters 'Litter'

lauren spierer missing posterNo doubt you've been following the story of Lauren Spierer, the Indiana University student who has been missing since June. Her mother, Charlene, has been doing anything and everything in her power to find her daughter -- just like any loving parent would do if faced with such a tragic situation.

I literally cannot fathom not feeling a tremendous amount of compassion for this woman and all the pain she's had to endure. Unfortunately, there's always one insensitive jerk in the bunch. Check out the tactless complaint letter Charlene received in the post office box she set up to receive tips about what happened to her missing daughter:


We are sorry about your missing daughter, but don’t you think it’s time to do the right thing by Bloomington and stop littering our town with your posters?

It went on to say that the Spierers were "offending" many people living in town. Of course, the letter was unsigned. Because, really, what human being would actually admit to writing a letter that heartless and disgusting?

The only thing more infuriating than the ridiculous letter was Charlene's response. In a message posted to the website dedicated to the search for Lauren, she wrote, "I wish we had never had to hang one single poster for our missing child ... I apologize for our intrusion." I sincerely hope that last bit was sarcastic: Charlene shouldn't have to apologize to anyone just for trying to find her child.

Actually, I think I know who wrote the letter. It was someone who was born without a heart, obviously. But I also suspect this poor excuse for a human being is someone who prefers to ignore bad things instead of trying to process them. It's upsetting, scary, and uncomfortable -- even for strangers -- to look at the posters of such a beautiful girl and know that she's been taken from the people who love her most. But that shouldn't be an excuse to call them "litter" and take them down. Rather, it should be a reminder to keep those you love close and safe.

If the repulsive letter has a silver lining, it's this: Lauren's friends and family are responding to the letter by taking a photo of her posters whenever they see one and posting it to social media. Talk about littering ... well, they're "littering" the Internet with their "love and endless support for Lauren." So take that, you insensitive jerk.


Image via Find Lauren

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