Woman Jailed for 2 Months for Having the Wrong Name

teresa culpepper mistaken identityAn Atlanta woman named Teresa Culpepper must feel like she's been living in the Twilight Zone for the past two months. Back in August, she called police to report her truck had been taken from her home. Police responded to the call ... but instead ended up arriving at her house and arresting her on charges of aggravated assault! Apparently, the officers had her mixed up with another woman named Teresa ...

But get this: That's where the similarities stopped. The other woman was not Teresa Culpepper. Their birth dates, addresses, and descriptions did not match, according to Culpepper's attorney. The only thing that Culpepper and the other woman wanted by the authorities had in common was their first name. And yet, Culpepper ended up being wrongfully held in Fulton County Jail for 53 days!!


How on earth could this have happened?! I could maaaaybe understand someone being wrongfully held for 53 ... HOURS? Because how long should it legitimately take the authorities to figure out that they're holding the wrong person? I cannot imagine for a moment that Teresa didn't attempt to defend herself and say she had no idea why she was being taken in for crimes she didn't commit. So did they just completely ignore her?

Considering how effectively we expect the law-enforcement and justice system to work, what happened here is just plain disgraceful and, besides that, totally embarrassing! And I'm sorry, but just how stupid are the officials who were handling this case? It's almost as if they thought, "Ehhh, we could care less if we get the right woman here. Her name is Teresa, that's good enough!" What a joke.

Thankfully, the story comes with a happy ending for Culpepper. She was released on October 12, after her public defender got the crime victim to come to court and say the woman in custody was not the attacker. Culpepper said:

I was ... real rejoiceful, glad, and happy that it came to an end and that somebody was out there, out there trying to help me.

Now, Culpepper's attorney is saying that they're going to press charges against the city unless they offer a settlement. GOOD! For what she's been through, the wrongfully accused Teresa deserves real retribution.

What do you think about what happened here? Unbelievable, right?!


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