Tropical Storm Irene Unearthed Yet Another Murder Mystery in Super Creepy Area

Apartment dwellers at a building in Staten Island may be too scared to sleep for a few days (weeks? Months?) after Tropical Storm Irene unearthed a murder mystery a decade in the making. And the scariest part is that in the neighborhood of Stapleton, this is the second mystery of it's kind.

Soon after the storm flooded the basement of the apartment building in Staten Island in August, a contractor pumping out the water discovered the skeleton in a crawl space. He called 9-1-1, but authorities took a couple months to determine that it was a murder and the body belonged to
a man who was reported missing in January 2000.

At the time, police found a "bloody scene" in the building but they did not know where the body was. Sources say the killing may have happened after "an argument over a drug dealer's missing stash, which was once hidden in the crawl space."


It would be bad enough if it happened one time, but the fact is, in Stapleton -- possibly the inspiration for American Horror Story -- this is the second murder mystery of its kind. Back in 2009, a mummified corpse was found in another apartment building nearby.

So what's up with Stapleton? Just how many bodies are hidden in the depths of these apartment buildings anyway?

Just in time for Halloween, too. Personally, if I were any of the tenants, I would be hightailing it out of the town. There is just not good juju in a building that has been home to a rotting corpse for more than 10 years.

On the other hand, what kind of building could house a corpse for so long without the stench becoming painfully obvious? We have had a mouse die in our house and I could think of nothing else until we found it. And that was just a tiny little rodent.

Judging from these apartment buildings of horror, I am thinking Stapleton will likely not be my next home. But I might visit it come October 31.

Does this creep you out, too?


Image via vintagedept/flickr


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