School Gives Out Porn Bracelets to Reward Good Students

slap braceletsAn elementary school in Florida wanted to reward all-star, A+ students for their great fund-raising efforts and gave about 160 kids the ever-popular slap bracelet. Yay! The kids were so excited and everyone was slap, slap, slapping away, feeling really proud of themselves. Then a boy decided to peel off the fabric covering on the bracelet, and things got interesting. Hiding underneath the cloth, on the metal material, was an x-rated picture.

Apparently, the slap bracelets the school handed out had pornographic images of naked women on them. Oops!


The school's spokesperson said he got some calls from parents, but didn't really believe it until he saw it with his own eyes. He got in touch with the Nashville-based company from where he unwittingly bought the naughty toys and was told that they got them shipped in over from China. They've stopped shipping them as of now, lest more children be blown away by the prize hidden inside.

Parents of the students are taking this all in stride because, really, what can ya do? It was an accident, and I dare say a hilarious one, that everyone can just move on from. It's probably one of the most exciting things to happen to students in school -- when the school hands out free porn, it's certainly a day to remember.

It doesn't sound like the images were too graphic, so I don't think anyone's going to be scared from this. Curiosity was probably piqued and there was likely a constant din of giggling for a week or two, but ah well. Slap bracelets are porn mules. Who knew?

How would you react if your kid came home with one of these "novelty" slap bracelets?


Photo via spec-ta-cles/Flickr

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