How to Be 'Hipster Cop' for Halloween

hipster cop at occupy wall street

What will be the most popular Halloween costume for 2011? Charlie Sheen and Casey Anthony will definitely be contenders, but likely they'll have some competition from the infamous "Hipster Cop." If you haven't heard of this dude until now, here's the 411:

He's a NYPD plainclothes police officer named Detective Rick Lee who has been working overtime, seven days a week at the Occupy Wall Street protest in Zuccotti Park. His real job is to act as liaison between the police department and the protesters, communicating departmental concerns while trying to get information about the protesters' plans. But after a photo of him appeared on Twitter, he's become an Internet sensation and recognizable local celebrity for his too-cool-for-school hipster attire (see above).


The best part about Hipster Cop? He inspires a hilarious Halloween costume (particularly if you can convince your friends to go along with you and be a gang of bedraggled hippie protesters). Here's how to do it:

Most of the items below can be found at your local American Apparel outlet thrift store:

-Skinny trousers -- the skinnier, the better.

-White button-down, intentionally wrinkled.

-Clipped tie, as with the pants -- as skinny as possible.

-Natty Mister Rogers cardigan.


-Shag haircut, perfectly mussed.

-Nerd vanity glasses, prescription optional.

-iPhone 4S.


-Police badge, ever so discreetly clipped to your belt.

-Superior attitude -- this one's up to you.

The most important thing about being the Hipster Cop for Halloween is, of course: Never actually admit to being the Hipster Cop.


Image via Lucy Kafanov/Flickr

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