'Elite Hick' Elizabeth Warren vs. 'Dumb Hick' Republicans: Let the Rodeo Begin!

elizabeth warrenElizabeth Warren is now the clear front-runner for the second Senate seat in Massachusetts once occupied by Edward Kennedy and currently occupied by a former centerfold Republican Sen. Scott Brown. She's a fan favorite of Democrats all over the country, even in the Midwest and South, which may have something to do with her roots. She recently described herself as an "elite hick" on a liberal podcast. The self-effacing comment was a response to how Republicans are making her out to be an overly-intellectual-for-the-common-man Harvard professor type ... who also apparently lacks cosmopolitan smarts, since she hails from Oklahoma.

She said, with a chuckle, "I've watched some of the fundraising letters, and rally-the-troops-on-the-other-side letters, that seem to suggest at the same that I'm a hick, and somehow not worthy of the Massachusetts electorate, and at the same time I'm an elite. So I think I'm a new category, an elite hick ... I'm going for the hick vote here!"


Host Mike Ball shared the laugh with her, saying that he was born in Oklahoma and raised in West Virginia himself and has been called a hick a lot, too. But now Republicans are jumping down Warren's throat for her remark, making it as though to call herself a "hick" is completely insensitive and disparaging. Massachusetts GOP Communications Director Tim Buckley even released a whiny statement about it, claiming that her "insulting use of the word offers a revealing prism into her elitist and arrogant view of the world." You've GOT to be kidding me!

It's not like Elizabeth was referring to a specific group of voters and engaging in nasty name-calling. Besides, like Mike Ball said and seems to feel about the issue, I've heard plenty of people from the South or rural areas refer to themselves as hicks, just like Elizabeth. What's more, she was just making fun of the double-edged sword she's been contending with. But, as with any chunk of audio, what she said could very easily be taken out of context and spun to make her look like a snobby b*tch.

But if dirty, "dumbed down" spin tactics are all Massachusetts Republicans can lean on to stand a chance at beating Warren, they're clearly already acting like sore losers grasping at straws. Good luck to them with that strategy, but seems like Massachusetts has already found they'd love to have a self-described "elite hick" representing them in the Senate.

Do you find Elizabeth Warren's comments offensive?


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