Missing Baby Lisa Irwin's Mother Can't Screw Up Investigation Anymore

Missing Baby Lisa IrwinIt's starting to feel like every time missing baby Lisa Irwin's mom Deborah Bradley opens her mouth, it's to take another big bite out of her foot. Each week that has gone by since the little girl went missing has come with another odd confession from Bradley that's seriously messed up her credibility. But a search warrant executed today at the home Bradley shared with boyfriend Jeremy Irwin ensures that's the limit on what she can bungle now.

Although the couple has allowed police to comb through the house where baby Lisa was allegedly sleeping on the night of her disappearance, even allowing them to bring in dogs, the cops in Kansas City took the extra step of getting an official warrant signed by a judge before they stepped in today. And they did something else out of the ordinary.


They asked the judge to officially bar the family from their own home. Already sleeping at a home up the block (which has also been checked out by cops), Irwin and Bradley will now have to face cops if they try to go back to their house. A patrol car has been posted outside.

That means Lisa Irwin's mom can't make a mess of the crime scene the way she has the investigation into her daughter's disappearance. Considering she was the last person to see her daughter, cops have been depending on her to help them, and by most accounts, she really hasn't. She admitted this week that she lied about the time she put her daughter to sleep, giving the cops a faulty timeline on which to base their case. And she's admitted that she lied about her own physical state, again forcing the cops to have to factor in her drunkeness after going on the notion that she was simply sleeping. It's no wonder they don't trust her!

What this move doesn't mean is that we can now assume Deborah Bradley is responsible for her child disappearing. It's still possible. But it's just as possible that the cops have taken her propensity for changing stories about what happened that night as a sign that she's unstable, and they're uncomfortable having her in the house.

By barring the family from the home, they can ensure that nothing is touched by a guilty party returning to the house or by someone who means well but is misguided. This is the police taking control of a police investigation.

That's good news, no?


Image via National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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