Wife Accused of Attacking Husband Proves Power Saws Not Good Weapons

power sawIf you were, perhaps, a wife trying to kill (or possibly just maim) her husband, would a power saw be a good weapon of choice?

The recent case of a woman from Everett, Wash., raises that very question. The 43-year-old woman stands accused of cutting her husband's neck and shoulder with a reciprocating saw as he slept. Well, he was sleeping, he said, before he woke up and saw her coming at him with a power saw, that is.

To be honest, you'd think a power saw would be a pretty effective murder weapon (she's also accused of going at him with a hachet), but apparently her story would serve to dispute that. There is, after all, the noise to consider.

(Keep your jokes about women and power tools to yourselves, please, guys.)


The husband was treated at a local hospital for his injuries, but released shortly thereafter. Clearly, the injuries did not prove fatal. (Was she even trying to kill him, one wonders?) It certainly sounds like he thought she may have been: Police, upon arrival, heard the man yelling at his wife, "You tried to cut my head off. You're going to jail."

The husband's prediction proved true: The woman, who faces a domestic violence assault charge, is awaiting trial in jail. Bail was set at $250,000.

Her attempt to pass the attack off as a response to an intruder apparently went nowhere with police, either: She said she grabbed the saw because someone had broken in, and that that person had escaped through a window, but the cops found that all the doors were locked from the inside. What's more, the window from which she claimed the intruder escaped was fitted with a child-proof lock that prevented it from opening more than a few inches. (Nice to know those child-proof locks are good for something, eh?)

With a weapon like that, it sounds like that woman is lucky she's not facing a murder (or at least attempted murder) charge. And come to think of it – I guess her husband is lucky, too!

Do you think the woman was actually trying to kill her husband with that power saw?


Image via toolstop/Flickr

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