Image of Bizarre Cyclops Shark Is Real, Not Photoshopped

cyclops sharkWe've got a keeper here, folks! You know that Cyclops shark photo that went around this summer? The latest news on that bad boy is that it's real. I was just as wary of the image as you were -- with all the Photoshop gags out there, how's a person to know what's real and what's not? But numerous media outlets, including National Geographic, are now reporting that the little guy really does have only one eye.

The Cyclops baby was found when a fisherman caught a pregnant dusky shark and discovered the deformed fetus inside. The cartoonish photos he took then made their way onto blogs and Facebook, and the rest is viral Internet history.

But with all these fake, Photoshopped images out there, how can we be so sure that this one isn't a hoax too?


For starters, cyclopia is a real disorder that affects animals and humans alike. Remember that Cyclops kitten from a few years back? Then there are those terrifically sad images of children with one central eye, too. So it's certainly possible that the shark had this affliction. Also, the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine Sciences in Mexico says they have the shark and they're studying the one-eyed bugger -- they've apparently shared their findings with the reputable reporters at Nat Geo.

We've got a right to be nervous about accepting this photographic "evidence" since recently a lot of us, including major news networks, were duped into thinking that a shark was swimming in the flooded streets of Puerto Rico after hurricane Irene blew through. And that turned out to be a big Photoshop lie, so it's hard to know what to believe.

But I'm going to take a dive of faith here and say that the baby Cyclops shark is legit. I'll probably have to eat my hat in a month or two when Snopes debunks the whole thing, but right now all signs are pointing to real. Since Discovery News, National Geographic, and Fox News have all reported on it, I've started to become a believer.

Do you think the Cyclops shark is real?

WATCH to see more photos of the Cyclops shark:

Photo via YouTube and Pisces Fleet Sportsfishing Blog

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