Hang-Man Halloween Billboard Shouldn't Offend Black Neighborhood

haunted hayloft billboard pittsburghGhosts, ghouls, gremlins -- they're all over the place now that it's almost Halloween. Time for haunted houses, eerie corn mazes, and scary hayrides. Fun, right? Well, at least until one of these seemingly harmless seasonal attractions comes off as totally racist. That's what's going on right now in Pittsburgh, where a billboard for a local attraction called the Haunted Hayloft is being seen as controversial.

The black and orange advertisement features the silhouette of a man -- maybe even a creepy monster, given his Frankenstein-ish ears? -- hanging from a tree. Morbid? Oh yes! Racist? No!


At the Haunted Hayloft attraction, they re-enact a double-hanging that occurred there in the 1890s ... one that didn't have anything to do with race as far as we know! But because of where ONE of the billboards is situated -- in a neighborhood that is mostly black, in front of project housing -- some people insist it's offensive. Aghh ...

I'm not buying it. It looks totally Halloween-y, it conveys what the attraction is all about, and nothing about it screams RACE or black vs. white. Of course, it absolutely makes my skin crawl that there's even a completely racially-charged time in our nation's history that might be called to mind from an image like this ... And I understand why, even now, people would be sensitive to an image that might seem to allude to that time. But I'm almost certain this billboard and its placement weren't intended to do that.

Besides, aren't there bigger problems -- like actually, blatantly racist politicians and political agendas -- we need to focus our energies on obliterating? Come on now, everyone. Priorities.

Do you think this billboard is racist?


Image via KDKA.com

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