Gilad Shalit Is Lucky He Came From Israel (VIDEO)

Today, Israel welcomes Gilad Shalit back after seven years in captivity in Gaza. And while it's his family who is likely celebrating the most, this is really a victory for the whole country. But it came at a steep, steep price. Israel released hundreds of very dangerous Palestinian prisoners in a prisoner swap, some of whom were serving life sentences for their role in terror attacks. It was a mixed, horrible choice to have to make.

Israel is often seen by the UN and many radical lefties in the US and abroad as a violent country, a country of oppressors who ascribe to a colonialist philosophy that is destroying lives. Israel has done much, especially under the current leadership, to earn the ire of many.

But, in the end, they are the righteous country. They are a country worth fighting for and even dying for because of things like the Gilad Shalit situation. What other country would have done this?


They would risk the lives of many to save the life of one. Is it the right thing? Possibly not. But it's the JUST thing. In our hearts, we all know it should be the right thing. So they did it. That is a country that values every person. Here is video of his release:

It was an impossible question: Is the life of one man worth endangering so many others? Israel answered with a yes. That doesn't sound like the work of a country hell-bent on destroying lives. It sounds like a country that wants to protect itself at its core.

Settlements and land swaps and security fences aside, the two societies are fundamentally different and Hamas has even admitted as much. Daniel Taub, the Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St. James, pointed out in his Telegraph UK article that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said: "We shall win because the Jews are weak and love life." He also said that Fathi Hammad of Hamas defended the strategy of sending women and children to shield terrorist bases with: “We desire death as you desire life!”

So now valuing life is a bad thing? This choice opens the door to more terror attacks and more kidnappings. It proves that Israelis value life and they value their citizens. That is the kind of world I want to live in. I don't want to live in a world where babies are used as human shields and schools are used to hide criminals.

Taub said it best:

But at its root, the decision to make the deal was not won by pragmatic arguments or realpolitik. We are bringing Gilad home, and paying the painful price, not because we know that this is the correct strategic decision, but because of our profound conviction that it ought to be. The bittersweet joy of the moment presents a challenge to us all. If this indeed is not a world in which placing supreme value on a single human life is the best course of action, then let us work to make it one.

A country that values life is worth fighting for. Welcome back to Israel Gilad Shalit. You have been so very missed and valued.

Do you think this says a lot about Israel?


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