Adorable Bear Cub Goes on Shopping Spree (VIDEO)

Bear cub in grocery storeTypically when bears wander out of the woods in search of food, they scrounge for the leftovers in our trashcans and dumpsters picking out little scraps and bits of food among the newspapers and other garbage. Maybe they find a random picnic basket or campsite to raid once in awhile, but mostly they rely on some pretty rough grub.

One little bear cub in Ketchikan, Alaska, however, clearly has some finer taste. The adorable little guy bypassed the dumpsters and went straight for the good stuff -- in the produce aisle of his local grocery store. He entered through the automatic doors and went on a little shopping eating spree. Check him out in this video:


What a smart guy. Who needs garbage when all the good stuff is abundant in this nice place?

Actually, he looks a little scared, and that noise he makes when the customer -- assisted by police -- picks him up to take him out is heartbreaking. But I'm sure he was released into the woods from which he came and is just fine with a nice full belly to boot. The question is whether he'll come back for more and bring friends to enjoy this bonanza. 

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen in your grocery store?

Image via YouTube

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