Real Life Homer Simpson Is Not Very Funny at All

If Homer Simpson were to stumble upon an open free beer truck, he would likely break in, drink all the free beer, and fall down in a drunken stupor. Apparently, he isn't unlike other real-life men, too. In fact, a 46-year-old man in Illinois was hospitalized last week after stumbling upon a refrigerated beer trailer in a Chicago suburb and believing himself to be in heaven.

For the record: The beer wasn't Duff. It was a refrigerated beer truck owned by the Schwaben Verein German heritage club. But in this guy's mind, free beer = heaven and heaven = drinking to excess. Police found him "extremely intoxicated" and brought him to the hospital.

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry at this poor guy. He thought he was in heaven? Even more sad: He thought heaven was free beer.


To be fair, I am pretty certain that my 3-year-old son would feel the same about the ice cream truck if he stumbled upon an empty one. He would likely eat until his belly ached and would have to be hospitalized.

But when I think of heaven, I think of neither ice cream nor beer. I think of people I have loved and want to see again. This poor guy has his happiest memories wrapped up in ... beer? Oy.

No wonder they didn't charge him with anything. It's just too sad for words! He isn't a criminal any more than hapless Homer is every time he messes up on The Simpsons. This guy would give Homer a run for his money, though.

Does this story make you sad or laugh?


Image via Dan Harrelson/Flickr

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