Chinese Toddler Lay Dying in Street & No One Seemed to Care (VIDEO)

china toddler hit and runA disturbing news story from China today has the world talking. A little girl, age 2, had wandered off from her parents and was teetering about in the street when she became a victim of a hit and run. A white van ran her over, the tires moved slowly over her body, then another car hit her, and young Wang Yue was left lifeless in a pool of her own blood on the side of the street. Still, it gets worse. She was there for 10 minutes before any passersby did anything.

Security footage catches people walk, bike, and drive past the toddler without even pausing. She was in clear view, but no one stopped to help. Obviously, many people are sickened and outraged by this story.


How could anyone see a little girl near death and not do all they could to help out? While we've read stories from all over the globe about those in need being ignored in public places (just last month in Miami a man was hit by eight cars, none of which stopped), people are wondering if this latest incident is indicative of an overall loss of morality in China. From valuing boys more than girls to the social pressures to succeed, is there a lack of humanity in the country of 1.3 billion?

I certainly can't answer that, but the video of little Wang Yue has definitely sparked conversation about the state of the country. CNN reports that citizens in China might be wary of helping strangers in need after a string of senior citizens ran a sting where they'd get hit by cars, then sue the person who tried to help them for compensation. Granted, everyone is nervous about litigious fakers, but a 2-year-old? Seems unlikely she'd be part of a scam.

In any event, this doesn't put China in the best light. Much like the USA has a lot of things to be embarrassed and ashamed about, this viral video of a dying toddler being disregarded like a piece of trash is not helping China's image.

The woman who was the first to react to Wang Yue is being called a heroine today, and it's a deserved title. Anyone who's able to selflessly help out another, even if we think it's what we'd all do, is someone worth praise. The little girl is now in critical condition.

WARNING: If you choose to watch the video, it is graphic.

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