Dead Newborn on Cruise Ship Is Sad, But Not Shocking

carnival shipIn today's horrifying and sickening news, the newborn baby of a 20-year-old mother was found dead aboard the Carnival Dream luxury cruise ship. The body was discovered in a guest cabin by a member of the crew, who immediately notified authorities, including the FBI. The baby's mother, who has not been charged, was a passenger from the United States.

So, okay, a million things ran through my mind and body, as I'm sure they're running through yours, when I first stumbled across this news. Predominantly shock and sadness, but followed closely by: WTF?

How does something like this happen? Who leaves a deceased newborn alone in a guest cabin? I immediately went to one of those terrible stories where the young mother gives birth, isn't ready, then leaves her baby to die; or one of the ones where the mom "didn't know she was pregnant" and gives birth to a baby who's stillborn.

Which is actually really sad that that's the first place I go to.


Unfortunately, it seems like more often than not, these are the outcomes of gut-wrenching situations like this. I'd be willing to bet that every single one of us has heard at least one story this year of a mother leaving her newborn child or woman not knowing she was pregnant. Hell, there's an entire television series dedicated to it!

It's sad. And this Carnival situation seems fishy. I have no idea what went on on that ship, but clearly this wasn't a mere accident. And the really frightening thing is -- a cruise ship is the perfect place to commit a crime. Unlike airplanes with their Federal Marshals, cruise ships have no police authorities on board. Tons of crimes are committed aboard ships every year -- without going reported. Perhaps -- if this isn't an accident -- that's what he or she thought would happen in this scenario: It would go unreported. Thankfully, Carnival did what's right and is cooperating.

Whatever the outcome, whatever the reasons behind this, bottom line is a tiny, little baby was left for dead. And nothing will ever be able to fix that.

How tragic is this?


Image via Jemingway/Flickr

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