'Casey Anthony' Will Be Trick or Treating This Year

casey anthonyI've seen some pretty tasteless Halloween costumes in my day. The ultimate was in college when some dude showed up to a party wearing a Point Break-type JFK mask with a bullet hole and blood dripping down in the back. (Shortly after his arrival, he was forced to leave via the valiant -- and hammered -- host.) The thing that struck me the most about his tacky disguise wasn't the fact that he was wearing it -- the guy was an idiot -- it was the fact that it existed. What kind of company would manufacture such an awful thing? Then after a Power Hour and some seriously philosophical convos, my friends and I concluded: All of them! Save for a few ultra-taboo subjects, if they think a costume will make them a buck, they're in.

Well, for most companies, that's the case. Not for all. Rubie's, one of the largest international manufacturers of costumes, refuses to sell a Casey Anthony mask -- even though they're in crazy high demand.

Who are these sick trick-or-treaters?


TMZ spoke to the owner of Rubie's, who said that despite people constantly coming in asking for a replica of the "accused" murdering mom's head, he's just not gonna do it. Granted, it's because he doesn't want to go through the rigmarole of getting a license, but still. I bet that mask would make him a pretty penny -- which is mind-boggling because not only is it crass, it literally is the most uncreative costume on the face of the earth, save for an Amanda Knox mask, which, let's be honest, there's bound to be; this is America. Throwing a white sheet over one's head would be more clever than either of these get-ups.

If you're going for laughs, well, there are plenty of hilarious, non-offensive, original costumes out there. If you're going for shock value, well, same thing rings true. If you're going for easy and moronic? Throw on a squeaking clown nose for God's sake.

If you're going for Casey Anthony, well, looks like you're S.O.L. Because without a mask, you'll just be a girl with a ponytail. And that's a terrible costume.

Do you think a Casey Anthony costume is distasteful?


Image via rattler97/Flickr

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