Casey Anthony Makes Barbara Walters Go Too Far

Barbara WaltersI hate to say it, but I'm starting to think Casey Anthony should just come out of hiding and do an interview already. Hearing her tired excuses regarding her behavior after daughter Caylee's death could be the only way to keep mainstream journalists from digging themselves into holes so deep there's no climbing out. Barbara Walters, I'm talking about you.

The talk show host was spotted with Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, over the weekend, in an obvious ploy to get in good for a tete a tete with Casey. Which wouldn't be such a big deal if they'd stuck to an office building with a team of other lawyers in tow. But the sleazy details of their meeting make the allegations earlier this month that network producers babysat for Amanda Knox's half sisters (so far just rumors) to get an interview sound almost quaint.


At least that would have been a real service to the family. But TMZ has video of Walters with actor Frank Langella in tow on an apparent double date with Baez and his wife at New York's famous Orso Restaurant. Baez was in town for a special sit-down with Walters that will air on ABC about Anthony's verdict.

But something tells me that Nightline can be shot in a TV studio. Walters and her subject don't need to go for Italian with an actor. And while the site jokes that Walters brushed off the Florida attorney's attempt at a hug because she didn't want their photogs to get the "money shot," you can almost smell the desperation in the video. She wants this guy to give her the interview to end all interviews; she's just not sure she wants to actually touch him to make it happen.

Baez is not a natural for hanging out with celebrities. He's the South Florida lawyer who just barely passed the bar and had been practicing law for three years when he landed the job repping the most hated mom in America. Before that, he'd been a bikini salesman, a deadbeat dad, and a high school dropout.

Now imagine what it's like for a guy like that to have dinner out at a famous restaurant with a movie star. Without Casey, Baez would have no entree into that world, and his wife has none without him. That's what puts Walters' actions in question. It crosses the line from natural means to get an interview -- a la a sit-down in an office -- to "doing whatever it takes" to get Casey's butt in the hot seat. She's wowing this guy, big time.

And frankly, this looks just as bad for Baez as it does for Walters. If he's supposed to have his client's best interests at heart, he shouldn't be getting nicey nice with the very person who wants to grill her in front of a TV audience.

Do you think Walters crossed the line or do you think she takes all her interviewees out for a good meal with Hollywood's elite?

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