President Obama Misleads About American Jobs Act

president barack obamaIn September, President Obama unveiled his much-anticipated Jobs Bill. What a misnomer that turned out to be. It was a $447 billion pile of garbage, previously referred to as a ‘stimulus’ bill. Because, you know, it worked so well in 2009.

Earlier this week, the bill faced a cloture vote in the Senate. If it had received 60 votes, debate on the bill would have been severely limited and a vote would’ve been forced. If voted down, the bill wouldn’t have been considered again. As expected, cloture didn’t pass, and the whole thing is now being broken up into bite-sized pieces that may have a better chance of passing into law than a behemoth bill that no one knows anything about.


President Obama said this week:

Even though a majority of senators voted in favor of the American Jobs Act, a Republican minority got together as a group and blocked this jobs bill from passing the Senate ... They said "no" to more jobs for teachers, "no" to more jobs for cops and firefighters, "no" to more jobs for construction workers and veterans, "no" to tax cuts for small-business owners and middle-class Americans.

First off, it’s misleading to say that a majority of Senators voted for it, since three that voted yes to cloture said they would vote no to passing the bill. Second, it wasn’t just Republicans that ended up opposing it; eleven Democrats joined them, including the Senate Majority Leader and far-left liberal Harry Reid.

Second, no Republican said ‘no’ to more jobs for teachers, cops, firefighters, construction workers, veterans, small-business owners, and middle-class Americans. This wasn’t even a vote on the actual bill -- it was a vote to limit the debate on the subject. 

The Democrats that support this bill know that it could never hold up under the scrutiny that the filibustering Republican minority would bring to it. It’s disturbing that anyone would want to vote on this bill without going over it with a fine-toothed comb, especially considering what happened when the last jobs/stimulus bill was passed.

Guns were sold to Mexican drug cartels with taxpayer money in Operation Fast and Furious. The firearms were used in the murders of several innocent people, including U.S. Border Patrol Brian Terry.

Green energy company Solyndra got $535 billion of our money, declared bankruptcy, then paid back its shareholders before the taxpayers.

Let’s not forget about the sea turtle tunnels, the yoga classes for menopausal women, the skylights for liquor stores, the crack monkeys, the runways that don’t connect to airports, and countless other projects that had nothing to do with stimulating the economy or creating jobs.

The only thing more disturbing than the majority of the Democrats not wanting to closely examine this bill is the fact that they’re now going out of their way to call Republicans irresponsible. 

Image via Joe Crimmings Photography/Flickr

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