Rick Perry's Wife Is Clueless About the Working Man

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Anita & Rick Perry
I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank Rick Perry's wife Anita for campaigning for him. Because if Perry's racist hunting camp and Morman cult controversy, among other things, aren't enough to sink his election, his wife surely will. And I really appreciate that -- because we don't need a guy like Perry in the White House and we definitely don't want Anita as First Lady.

Just yesterday, Mrs. Perry thought she'd tell people how "like us" her family really is. And by "us," I mean all the low-income or jobless Americans out there who want to know when the economy is going to get better. Anita told an audience in South Carolina that she and her family could really and truly relate to the plight of the unemployed.

Her sob story: Her 28-year-old son Griffin is unemployed.

I'll give you a minute to collect yourself.


It's true. The Perry's poor son had to quit his fancy job as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank so he could work on getting his dad elected as President of the United States of America. Mrs. Perry explained this all to a middle-aged worker who lost his job and went from a six-figure salary to a $12-an-hour handyman salary to show just how similar their situations were.

Sure, that's totally the same thing. Quitting a job - losing a job. Working as a handyman - working on your daddy's presidential campaign. Seriously, it's like these guys are living parallel lives.

Mrs. Perry also pointed out that it was President Obama's fault that Griffin "had" to quit his job. It turns out that  these pesky SEC regulations that went into effect this year mean that Griffin can't be intimately tied to a political campaign and work at Deutsche. Grr. Where is a good, corrupt president when you need him?!

Again. Totally. The same.

I'm sure Anita Perry made that guy feel much better about his job situation. Maybe he even forked over a campaign donation when he saw how in need Griffin and his parents were. Then Mrs. Perry told the guy to go eat some cake.

Unfortunately for Griffin, it doesn't look like dear old dad is going to make it until next November so he will have given up his job for nothing. But maybe he can go work for Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown -- he needs a few good scapegoats volunteers. And if that  doesn't work out, he can always be a handyman.

Do you think Griffin Perry and the handyman are in the same boat or do you think that Anita Perry is Marie Antoinette?


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