True Patriot Would Rather Quit Job Than Remove Flag Pin

american flag pinsWearing an American flag pin has become something of a standard operating procedure for politicians and some regular citizens. Sure, they were around before that, but we've definitely seen them crop up more in the past ten years since 9/11. They're so ubiquitous, in fact, if I see one, I think nothing of it. Maybe that's why it seems even more befuddling that Sean May, a man who worked as a front desk supervisor at the Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine, Florida, was told that he had to remove his flag pin ... or else go home. He went home.

Here's the explanation the hotel gave for asking May to take off the pin: "Casa Monica has always had the personal appearance guidelines, and they are currently being enforced."

Um, what the heck?? What kind of "personal appearance guidelines" would rule out a simple, subtle flag pin (which, by the way, May says he wears with pride because "I like where I live and I love this country.")?


I truly don't understand. I would understand if he wanted to wear a flag T-shirt or something else really loud and in-your-face that didn't work with the hotel's dress code. Duh. But I have to agree with May -- for them to tweak out over a tiny pin is just plain SILLY! And it's not like the company has some strange anti-patriotic, anti-American sentiment (at least not outwardly). They have a "gigantic" American flag waving above the hotel. Very bizarre!

Although he could just bite the bullet and go to work without his pin, May won't back down. He said:

Why would I want to work for a company that isn't going to be supportive of what I believe in and what I'm working towards? I think that if they do get rid of me over this, it will open a lot of eyes for other people.

Yeah, definitely! Sounds like he's sticking to his guns on this, and good for him! I would think Casa Monica would turn a lot of potential guests away if they were to let him go for this. That would seem absolutely craaaazy! Obviously, this story in itself is already horrendous PR. With hope, they back off of May. I think we could all agree that NOT letting him wear the pin would make for more skin off their backs than not.

Why do you think May was asked to take off his flag pin? Do you support his stance?


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