Hot, Dumb Scott Brown Should Pose Naked, Not Plagiarize

Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts isn't a favorite of most intellectuals. But even though he may not be the brightest bulb in the Senate, plagiarism is a kind of intellectual dishonesty even someone as doltish as he is should avoid. Right? Actually, wrong. It turns out Brown is a plagiarist on top of everything else.

To be clear, he claims the reason a portion of his website read verbatim like a portion of former North Carolina senator Elizabeth Dole's website is merely a technical oversight.

The controversy began when The Boston Globe was alerted to the potential plagiarism by American Bridge 21st Century, a liberal group that reviews Republican materials. Understandably, Brown says it was a mistake, not a case of plagiarism. See for yourself below. On his website in a "message to students," Brown said:


I was raised to believe that there are no limits to individual achievement and no excuses to justify indifference. From an early age, I was taught that success is measured not in material accumulations, but in service to others. I was encouraged to join causes larger than myself, to pursue positive change through a sense of mission, and to stand up for what I believe.

These are the exact words Dole had on her website.

Plagiarism is no small thing. As a writer, I am particularly aware of this, but anyone who has gone to college knows it's the quickest way to be booted from a university. It's an incredibly dishonest and putrid thing to do. And I have no doubt Brown did it.

It sounds great, right? Who wouldn't want to have said it? And who would notice?

Maybe it wasn't Brown himself, but someone on his staff probably did it, and it says a lot about him and the kinds of things he is willing to do. Lifting other people's creative work is pretty much the lowest of the low when it comes to intellectual dishonesty. There is simply no excuse for it.

It also raises an interesting question. Brown has mocked his likely opponent Elizabeth Warren for not being attractive, declared loudly that his young daughters were single and ready to mingle, and now this (stealing from a woman). Could it be that Brown has little respect for women?

Say it isn't so! This is the man who once posed nude in Cosmo, after all. He definitely seems like a lover, not a fighter. So it's back to the original theory. He respects women. He's just THAT dumb.

Do you think Brown plagiarized on purpose?

Image via Medill DC/Flickr

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