Fake Breast Doctor Shouldn't Get Jail Time for Fondling Women

phillip winikoffHypothetically speaking, say an old man in his 80s knocked on your door, said he was a doctor, and asked if you wanted a free breast exam. Would you let him in and lift up your shirt? Two women in a Florida apartment complex did just that when Phillip Winikoff rang their doorbells. I guess the black doctor's bag and his spiel about being a part of a "women's breast health initiative" were convincing enough though, because Winikoff was able to "examine" two women before the cops were called. Shudder.


The women realized something was up when his hand wandered from their breasts to inside their pants. The cops were called and Winikoff was arrested and charged with a whole slew of things, from sexual battery to using the title of a doctor without actually being one.

The molester just struck an undisclosed deal with prosecutors that will keep him from receiving the maximum sentence of 45 years in jail. The exact details of the deal haven't been released, and all we know so far is that this old guy won't die in jail. And to tell you the truth, I'm OK with that.

At 81, he doesn't seem that threatening to society. Also, he wasn't jumping out from behind the bushes and groping unsuspecting women, he essentially asked if he could. Granted, he totally lied about who he was and misled his victims in the worst way, but his actions, although reprehensible and completely disturbing, don't seem violent nor terribly aggressive. Forty-five years in jail would've been a bit harsh, which is probably why the defense was able to strike a deal and keep this thing from going to trial.

Winikoff is a sick perv, don't get me wrong, but at least he's reminded us to never let strangers in our house to touch our boobies, no matter who they say they are. Note taken.

Do you think Winikoff should be put behind bars?


Photo via coconutcreek.net

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