Barack Obama & Mitt Romney Have a Lot in Common

mitt romneyWhile the Republicans are duking it out in the primary field, Barack Obama is strategizing for his reelection. After all, the polls aren’t looking very good for him, and he’s going to have to beat one of these people in 2012 if he wants to escape being a one-termer

Given the conference call held by the president’s campaign staff on Wednesday morning, it’s obvious that Team Obama believes former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is going to be the one to beat. Senior strategist David Axelrod apparently spent a good deal of time questioning Romney’s history as a flip-flopper.


It’s true. Romney’s been for a lot of things before he was against them, and vice-versa. It’s going to be a major obstacle for him to overcome should he win the nomination. If the governor does win the primary, it’s going to be interesting to watch President Obama try to throw stones at him from his glass house.

Barack Obama has been for a lot of things before he was against them too. Remind me again, how long has Gitmo been closed? Oh that’s right -- despite campaign pledges to shut down the detention camp if elected, Guantanamo Bay remains open three years later. It’s okay, Attorney General Eric Holder says they’re going to close it soon, and he’s such a trust-worthy character.

Gitmo might still be pouring water on terrorists’ heads, but at least the troops have come home from Afghanistan, just like Senator Obama promised during the campaign. Oops, got that one wrong too. Not only do we still have troops in Afghanistan, the casualty rate has increased dramatically. 

At least Obama got Osama. Using information gathered from waterboarding a terrorist. A practice that in 2009, he said was a torturous mistake.

Remember when President Obama said the health care bill wouldn’t include coverage for illegal aliens? Remember the crap Congressman Joe Wilson got for infamously shouting, “You lie!” when the president stated that at a joint session of congress? Well guess what? Obamacare does include coverage for illegal aliens.

I could go on, but I think you guys get the picture: Obama’s going to have a hard time criticizing Mitt Romney for his flippantness. 


Image via nmfbihop/Flickr

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