Bare-Breasted Advocate for Public Nudity Strips Down in Court

grand central terminal new yorkYou may have heard of the Naked Cowboy -- the guy who wears nothing but tighty whities and a cowboy hat while playing guitar and taking photos with tourists in Times Square. But do you know about Holly Van Voast? The nudist activist, as you might call her, has gotten even nakeder than the Cowboy ... baring her breasts in Times Square and on the Staten Island Ferry. The city of NYC puts up with a lot of nuttiness from a lot of different loonies, but they had the last straw with Holly when she got naked in the middle of Grand Central Terminal and was summoned to court yesterday.

When the 45-year-old entered the courtroom, she took off a black coat to reveal her naked breasts in front of the judge, her 89-year-old lawyer, and a stenographer! Everyone was so shocked that they froze. Bhahahaha. I guess she figured she might stun them into dismissing her?


And get this ... it WORKED! HA! The judge tabled the case until the afternoon ... but she expected an apology from Van Voast. Although the bare breast advocate potentially faced being found in contempt of court and thrown in jail, she used the moment to get on her soap box and note how she's frustrated with stigmas against public nudity. Ohh, boy ... but finally, she admitted, "I understand what I did in court was out of line," and the judge went easy on her. She won't be back in court, as long as she stays out of trouble for the next six months.

Not sure that'll be the case, though! Van Voast is really vehement about her cause, explaining later to reporters:

I feel any form of public nudity should be protected. It’s the basest human state.

Tee hee. Well, I have to say, I'm not totally in disagreement with her, but I'm not sure she's going about this the right way. There are places (like country clubs, RV campgrounds, etc.) where nudists or "naturists" can hang out and be free of clothing. The middle of Manhattan is NOT one of those places. Nor should it be!! As much as I'm all about people loving their "basest human state," not feeling inhibited, being able to discreetly breastfeed in public, etc., there's a line. And what Van Voast seems to want crosses it. Hordes of people in the city -- who are already sweaty, smelly, and often dirty enough -- walking around naked would just be BAD NEWS!

But anyway, good for Van Voast for fighting the good fight! But when you become nothing more than a parody of what you're standing up for, it's probably time to find a new strategy.

What do you think about Holly Van Voast's behavior?


Image via Alex Proimos/Flickr

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