Seal Beach Shooting Shows How Ugly Custody Battles Can Get

seal beach shooting
Seal Beach: The scene of the crime
The Seal Beach shooting is one of the most horrific things to come out of a child custody battle in a long time. Currently, there are eight people dead and one person in critical condition. The alleged shooter, Scott Dekraai, was apprehended a few blocks away from Salon Meritage, the crowded shop where he opened fire. Witnesses say he was targeting his ex-wife, who he was in a custody dispute with.

The magnitude of this crime is tremendous, to say the least. Innocent people who had nothing to do with the gunman and his ex are now dead, leaving their family and friends with an unfathomable hole in their lives. But, unfortunately, horrific crimes that are the result of a child custody battle are all too common these days. Perhaps the Family Courts should take action instead of just taking people's money and calling it a day. Just a thought.


See, the Seal Beach shooting isn't the only horrific crime we've seen in recent years due to arguments over children. There was the University of California grad student who shot and killed his ex-wife on campus during an argument over their 4-year-old son two years ago. Then, a year later, there was the Portland woman who threw her two children off a bridge after her ex was granted custody one month earlier. And then who could forget the man who decapitated himself in front of his ex-wife's house after a fight about their kids.

These people aren't normal. And I'm not making excuses for them. But the Family Courts should put a little more time and effort into evaluating the mental state of both parties -- particularly the one who loses out -- instead of just moving on to the next case. The unfortunate reality is -- people do crazy shit these days. And if we know that custody battles are something that trigger said crazy shit, why not do something about it?

"Investigators said they were still scrambling to piece together what triggered such violence." Really? I have an idea of what triggered it. And maybe, just maybe, it could have been prevented.

Do you think the Family Courts should spend more time evaluating the mental state of parents?


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