Seal Beach Salon Shooting Turns Everyday Life Into a Nightmare

beauty salonAt current count, 8 people have died in a shooting in Seal Beach, California. There in the quiet little beach town while women and men were getting their hair cut, colored, permed, and primped, a man entered Salon Meritage and started firing, taking out lives one by one in a blink ... just like that.

Police described the scene as horrific. "There are victims throughout the entire salon," Police Sgt. Steve Bowles told the Los Angeles Times. While authorities haven't named a motive, eyewitnesses told the paper that the gunman, who was captured but not identified, was targeting his ex-wife, and they were involved in a custody dispute. The fact that he had to let their troubles affect so many innocent lives is tragic and really makes us rethink our presumed safety as we go about our daily lives.


It's heartbreaking to think that someone who just ran out to have a few inches trimmed, or who decided to pop in for a quick pedicure while the kids were at school, isn't here tonight because he or she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The victims haven't been named yet either, but each of them had lives, families, and plans that were ended abruptly in this meaningless massacre ... and ours could be too.

Everywhere we go -- the market, the mall, or into a fast food joint to get a burrito -- there are people there who could snap, and do snap, and who could kill us just like that. This shooting in Seal Beach is the latest chilling reminder of how fragile our lives are, of how quickly something so ordinary can turn into a horror story.

Of course, we can't live our lives in fear, and we know that stories like this make headlines because they are rare, freak events. But they also serve as reminders that we never know when or how we could find ourselves in the midst of one of them, and each one that occurs puts just a little more fear in our everyday lives.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families tonight and with the entire community of Seal Beach.

Do random killings like this make you more fearful of everyday life?

Image via Photos by Lina/Flickr

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