Two-Headed Snake Is Scariest Backyard Discovery Yet (VIDEO)

two headed snakeIt used to be that the scariest thing you'd find in your backyard in Tennessee would be your brother making out with your sister, or Rufus digging up old grandpappy's grave, but now we Southerners have a bigger problem to worry about. A scarier problem. A double-the-trouble type problem. I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with boo sledded rake. Yes! You nailed it. A two-headed snake was found in a Clarksville man's backyard and no one is quite sure what to make of it.

Are two heads better than one? The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency would like to know and so would, uh, everyone else.


Paul Carver was the unlucky fellow who stumbled upon this freak of nature (that term literally applies here, so yeah) and took it to authorities looking for answers. The wildlife expert who's had 40 years of in-the-woods experience says he's never seen anything like this, which, you know, thank god, because I wouldn't have wanted to be left in the dark about a rampant two-headed snake problem below the Mason-Dixon.

Anyway, the king snake is going to be taken to Tennessee Tech this week to be examined and cared for like a good little boy. So far we know that the two heads each have their own brain but share the rest of the eight-inch body. Experts say it probably has trouble eating since it might fight with itself for food. Now that just breaks my little old heart. Poor thing.

You know I gotta say, if I'm going to find a two-headed animal in my backyard, a snake wouldn't be at the top of my list. A two-headed kitten would be, same with a dachshund, or a deer. How cool would a two-headed buck be? Ten-pointer!

Jury's still out on whether or not we should be impressed with the discovery, seeing as many people are already married to a snake with two heads and that the White House is full of them. So while we mull that over, let's watch the video. Enjoy!



What do you think of the two-headed snake? Cute or terrifying?


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