Betty White for President: 9 Reasons to Vote for Her (VIDEO)

Betty White
Betty White for President

Last night on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, guest Betty White announced her bid for the Presidency. She and Craig made lots of silly jokes about the key issues and politicians in general, including the debut of her first, exceedingly questionable campaign poster, but silly snafus aside, I actually think it's a great idea!

Betty White for President! Here's why Betty would be an excellent candidate.


9 Reasons to Vote Betty White for President

1. Everyone loves Betty White -- talk about the perfect solution to bipartisan conflict. This woman could make miracles happen in the White House.

2. She's totally humble despite her popularity. I like that in a President. No one would ever accuse her of being pompous and arrogant.

3. Betty's brilliant at reading the teleprompter (just watch her on Craig Ferguson) -- at age 89! Just imagine her at 90!

4. She already has a Facebook page for her campaign -- even though she doesn't even know what Facebook is all about. Work it, girl!

5. As Craig Ferguson said, "You've got no experience, you're totally uninformed, and you seem to have a questionable grip on reality." Perfect.

6. She's genius when it comes to playing dumb. In fact, Betty White made a career playing dumb on The Golden Girls and got totally rich and famous doing it. We've seen the "play dumb" skill come in handy in the Oval Office before *cough* WMDs *cough* but if Betty White can turn her airhead act into gold again -- maybe it would boost our economy!

7. Betty knows a "crazy bitch" when she sees one. Another important skill for running the country. And running for President in general.

8. She got her special ops training via MacGruber. Top that.

9. We need a candidate who understands the needs of seniors but can also bust a rhyme for the MTV generation.

Would you vote for Betty White for President?


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