New York Subway Surfer Disgraces the Fine Art of Riding Outside a Train (VIDEO)

new york subway surferBy now you've likely seen the video of the subway surfer that's been making its way around the Internet. No? Well, all you're missing is some stupid idiot in New York caught on video riding outside the train. He survived, but, apparently, all hell is breaking loose now because he scared a bunch of fellow subway riders with his daredevil stunt. And, the transit officials are all stern and saying, "This is dangerous! We're going to investigate! Yada yada!"

My response? Meh. *Yawn.* Been there, done that. I stopped reading that Dancing With the Stars recap for this?


And by that I simply mean that I've seen way better moronic stunts in my lifetime. See for yourself:

See what I mean? Lame. This dweeb is acting like he invented the act of riding outside the subway car. Wouldn't he be crushed to find out that people have been practicing the fine art of subway surfing since the beginning of time (or, er, at least since trains came into existence)? In fact, there are stories in the paper ALL THE TIME about people who meet their demise attempting this ridiculous stunt because they bashed their head on a concrete beam, fell on the tracks, and were run over by the train (or something like that).

Only in America would someone dress in a preppy white button-down and baseball cap and cling on so pathetically for dear life. In contrast, look at these awesome dudes from India:

Now THAT is real subway surfing, am I right? The moral here is this: If you are going to risk your life with something so stupid and unintelligible as subway surfing, then be man enough to get some cool moves in there. Either that or slip off and meet your impending doom like god intended. At least give us something satisfying to watch.


Image via YouTube

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