Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Should Have His 'Powers' Taken Away

seattle superhero phoenix jonesSeattle might as well be Gotham City as far as Phoenix Jones is concerned. The 23-year-old whose real name is Benjamin John Francis Fodor thinks he needs to protect the city's public like Batman or Superman would. In other words, he's a guy ... dressed up in a black and gold costume, a mask, and fake, six-pack abs ... who thinks his calling is to "fight crime." He leads the Rain City Superhero Movement (whatever the hell that is) and claims that he's a symbol "that the average person doesn't have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing."

Okay, sounds like he has good intentions, but he was arrested "on suspicion of fourth-degree assault" by Seattle police early Sunday after he doused four late night partiers with pepper spray. He thinks he was breaking up a fight; the victims say they were just having a rowdy good time. Hrrrrrmmmm.


Jones has tons of online supporters who are loudly claiming via obscenity-laden videos and such that their hero is innocent, but the whole thing sounds like a total joke. Being that there's video of the incident (which illustrates how it was clearly a desperate attempt by Jones to insert himself into a situation that could go viral), the guy is obviously just interested in creating a publicity stunt. He must be hoping to become "famous" locally and across the Internet for his antics. So, I'm not sure his heart is really in the right place, and furthermore, cities don't need "superheroes" ... especially not ones like this guy.

We don't need a wacko in a costume deciding what's fair and what's not, who's the victim and who's the perpetrator in random street situations. No, we're not always thrilled with cops, but they are trained for law enforcement. That's their job, and I'm sure the Seattle police force has got it covered.  

Jones posted a $3,800 bail and is due back in court on Thursday, and I'm hoping he gets more than just a lighthearted chuckle and slight reprimand from the judge. As it turns out, he's got a RECORD! (Last year, a man was granted a protection order against Jones after the "superhero" allegedly called and drove by the man's home repeatedly, threatening him and his family, according to court records.) It's probably best that if he is allowed to "walk around," authorities make sure that from now on, he has no choice but to do absolutely NOTHING.

Are you amused by this guy?


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