Old Folks Eat Pot Brownies by Mistake at Funeral -- Go Ahead, Laugh


Have you ever naively accepted a brownie at a party only to discover after you consumed it, it had been laced with marijuana? Yeah, me neither. But you watch movies and surely you can imagine this happening to someone -- as it did to three unsuspecting senior citizens in California who accidentally consumed pot brownies at a friend's memorial service. Best funeral ever! Just kidding. I mean, "Despicable! Why weren't those things properly labeled?"

Unfortunately, the old people -- all in their 70s and 80s -- failed to see any humor in the situation ...


That's because they were too busy being nauseous, dizzy, and unable to stand without falling. If ever there were a time and a place for a video camera ... okay, okay, I'll stop.

Right about now, you're hating me, right? But, really, it's okay to laugh at these old folks, you know why? Because despite being briefly hospitalized, they were all treated and are all fine. And now they have a fantastically amusing tale to tell around the Bingo table about getting baked at a funeral.

Seriously, though, tricking unsuspecting people into eating pot brownies against their will is one of those pranks that was kinda funny when we were 19 and really funny in movies; but in real life in the present, it's completely lame -- not to mention potentially very dangerous. It makes you wonder what kind of sick person would bring such a thing to a funeral with so many old people present.

In this particular incident, the police department noted that the pot brownies in question contained "medical marijuana," but that doesn't make it any safer to people who are unaware they are consuming it. It's still a drug and should not be taken lightly. What maybe could be taken lightly, however? This story ... especially now that we know everyone is okay.

Did you laugh at this story once you knew the victims were all right?


Image via neil conway/Flickr

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