Elizabeth Warren Proves She Has What It Takes to Take Scott Brown Down

Elizabeth Warren is so many wonderful things, it's hard to know where to start. But as a tried and true liberal from Massachusetts, one would expect me to say that. What is amazing is how many others are starting to agree with me.

Warren, who is running for the second Senate seat in Massachusetts once occupied by Edward Kennedy, is making huge headway in her campaign against Sen. Scott Brown. Thus far, the woman who has never run for public office before has already raised $3.1 million. That number is more than some Republican PRESIDENTIAL candidates have raised.

As the Democratic front-runner for 2012, Warren already has everyone's eyes and ears, but it's not just that she CAN win; it's that she will. Scott Brown's win was a big fluke and the momentum behind her campaign can't be stopped.


Warren has never even run for public office before. All of her past career has focused on reforming Wall Street. She is a fresh voice who is unafraid to talk candidly and openly. The word refreshing doesn't even begin to cover what Warren is. It has felt for months as if there is a dearth of politicians who are open and honest. And then she came along.

I'm not the only one who is noticing. Her money came from over 11,000 donors, the campaign said -- averaging $286 per donor.

Warren raised nearly 10 times that of her nearest opponent, and though she is $7 million behind Scott Brown, the momentum is with Warren. In the last quarter, Warren raised over twice as much as Brown.

When Brown took the seat, it was a shocking upset. In Massachusetts, it seemed like Democrats were phoning it in, expecting Martha Coakley to beat Brown -- a relative newcomer -- handily and without much effort. It didn't happen. She ran a shoddy campaign and most of us ignored the polls until it was too late.

That was then. This is now. Recent polls have been a bit confusing, but some have shown Warren already leading Brown in the polls and that was only weeks after announcing her campaign. He may have money, but Warren has history and it's on her side.

Kennedy sat in that seat for nearly 50 years and though Brown took it quickly, I am willing to bet it was a fluke. Brown is already making gaffes (calling Warren ugly was really a pretty low and pathetic blow even for him), and no one is taking this win for granted for a second.

Brown is about to wish he'd stayed home two years ago. It's on.

Do you think Elizabeth Warren will win?


Image via Leader Nancy Pelosi/Flickr

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