'Occupy Sesame Street' Makes Fun of Occupy Wall Street

occupy sesame street t-shirtThe Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading all over the country. Even big businesses (like Ben & Jerry's) are backing it up. But the real proof that it's gotten HUGE? A few "characters" have joined in. Their address? Sesame Street. Yeah, OWS now has its very own Internet meme, Occupy Sesame Street. That's right ... the Cookie Monster, the Count, Big Bird, and Bert and Ernie are part of the 99 percent.

Occupy Sesame Street originated on Twitter, when people started writing funny tweets echoing some of the opinions of the 99 percent while referencing the children's program. Like Michael Busch's gem: "Truly outrageous that 99 percent of the cookies are consumed by 1 percent of the monsters on PBS."


I kinda love this one from @h0mfr0g: "In a democracy, it's your vote that counts. On Sesame Street, it's your count that votes. Ah-ah-ah."

Then, these hilarious photos surfaced. The movement got a push from music producer Michael Lasday who created a Facebook page that has so far been "liked" by 24,994 people. And now, there's even #OccupySesameStreet or #OSS merch you can buy. Well, mostly just tees, but the proceeds go to charity. The OSS folks will donate proceeds to benefit PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Wellness Society), which is awesome, but doesn't seem affiliated with OWS itself.

However, the site for Occupy Sesame Street has links to info about the movement in NYC, DC, Philly, and Occupy Together, the hub for events springing up all over the country. In other words, I take that to mean that the folks behind OSS aren't snarking about the movement -- they support it. And humor is one of the best ways to a.) make powerful political commentary and b.) unite people. Maybe someone who hasn't been following the real movement had a giggle fit over that pic of Ernie photo-bombing Kanye visiting OWS, and now they're looking into heading down there. Who knows? But I have a funny feeling this lighthearted approach will motivate even more people to stand up for progress.

What do you think about Occupy Sesame Street?


Image via OccupySesameStreet.org

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