Cops Who Tortured Woman With Rush Limbaugh Should Be Sued

radioAnyone who knows someone with terrible taste in radio will get a chuckle out of this story out of Texas:

A woman named Bridgett Nickerson Boyd is suing her local police department after she says she was arrested for no reason and forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh. Of course, the most non-funny parts of her allegations are that a sheriff's deputy arrested Boyd for "driving on the shoulder," even though it was clear (with dropped charges to prove it) that she had pulled over because her car had broken down. But much has been made of the fact that one of Boyd's charges in the lawsuit is that she was forced to listen to the conservative talk show host make derogatory comments about black people in particular all the way to jail.

If Boyd can sue the police department for forcing her to listen to Rush, then get my lawyer on the phone: Because I'm going to sue my dad for the exact same reason!


Maybe you can't understand why anyone would have a strong aversion to Rush (really, you can't?). But almost every human on the planet can relate to the fact that listening to an annoying radio broadcaster (or show, song, host, etc.) is pure torture. Could you go as far as to label forcing someone to listen to bad radio "intentional infliction of emotional distress" as per the lawsuit? I say: absolutely!

It's likely that Boyd's charge about the deputy forcing her to listen to Rush will be dismissed (the other charges? Um, not so much), which is ultimately sad but the right thing to do. Otherwise, she'd be potentially setting a frightening precedent and opening a whole Pandora's box of people suing for terrible radio. Think about it. I could actually sue both my parents: My dad for Rush as I stated above, and my mom for that horrible lite FM station that started playing Christmas music nonstop beginning in October. Oh, and my sister for her Maroon 5 phase.

True, these examples didn't have blatant racist undertones, but they were scarring in their own way.

Who would you sue for forcing you to listen to bad radio?


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