Sicko Dumps Hundreds of Dirty Diapers in Same Neighborhood for Years

dumped diapers

I did a little dance (in my head) the day my last kid was finally done with diapers (day and night). As much as I miss having babies, not having to wipe slimy bottoms and performing that little straitjacket routine with the Velcro straps designed to keep the contents and smell inside before carrying it to the trash is a job I do not miss one bit. So I feel absolutely horrible for what one community in Florida is going through right now. People in the town of Lake Mary are waking up each morning to find soiled diapers in their flower beds, lawns, and driveways. Some sick individual has apparently been tossing the diapers from the road for years! And if that doesn't sound like a nightmare, especially if you haven't changed diapers in generations, these are ADULT stinky poopy diapers! Unfortunately, one poor neighbor found this out the hard way ...


For the longest time, everyone thought the mysterious diapers, hundreds of them per week, were of the young human variety. A kid actually nearly got hit when one of these diapers zoomed out of a moving bus. So, doing what kids, um, do, they decided to do some detective work ... and the details leading to this discovery I positively do not want to know ... but they determined these diapers were worn by grownups. Disgusting.

Called the Diaper Bandit, which makes no sense because he's certainly not taking anything, police believe he may have been dumping diapers for years, but the neighbors simply put up with it by picking them up from their yards. But now they've had enough and mean to stop this diaper dumper once and for all. The dad of the kid who nearly got clocked with a poop bomb started patrolling the neighborhood and snapped a photo of a van that met his kid's description.

Police are taking it seriously now as it's become a possible health issue. I mean, noxious fumes aside. Imagine if another curious child comes across one of these little packages and investigates in a not so scientific manner. And there are dogs in the neighborhood and you know how they are, I won't go there ...

The police say they can only charge the culprit with littering, but I hope he or she gets some additional type of fitting community service to really teach a lesson. Cleaning out the public port-o-potties at the end of August might do.

What do you think is a fitting punishment for the Diaper Bandit?


Image via Joelk75/Flickr

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