Pot-Packing Stoner Arrested After Petting Police Dog

police dogStoners are a peaceful folk. You've never heard of Bob Marley, Cheech Marin, or Woody Harrelson starting any wars, have you? Give them a bag of Fritos, a Slinky, and a dog to pet, and they're good to go. Just make sure the dog isn't a drug-sniffing police K-9. Because that will only get them arrested.

... Which is exactly what happened to Kelly Simpson (a dude), 48, of Endicott, New York. Kelly walked up to Tarah, a police pup who was on patrol with her owner, and gave her a tousle. Suddenly, Tarah alerted her owner that the dude standing in front of them being a perfectly nice, non-violent citizen was, in fact, packing weed. So Kelly got arrested.

Should've stopped at the Slinky.


Kelly ended up being charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and was released with only an appearance ticket, which basically means he just has to pay a fine. For his idiocy.

Clearly, this is dumb -- really dumb -- but you have to take Kelly with a grain of salt here. He's a stoner. He probably had zero recollection of where he parked and where his keys were, never mind whether or not he had marijuana on him. All he saw was a cute, fluffy doggie and his heart lit up. How can you get mad at that?

Hopefully, he'll remember this lesson, though: Step away from the cute drug-sniffing doggy when you've got a bag of ganja in your pocket. Even if she's telling you to pet her.

Isn't this dumb? And sort of sweet?


Image via Clotee Allochuku/Flickr

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