'Psychic' Scares Little Girl Into Stealing Jewelry to Remove Curse

psychicI'm not much one for psychics. In fact, they make me downright mad. I think of them as bedazzled phonies who prey on naive, innocent folk because they're too damn lazy to get a real job. But when I was 12? I'll admit I gave a fiver or two to a woman with a plug-in crystal ball sitting next to a Sbarro on the Jersey Shore boardwalk.

My friends and I were prime candidates. Because we were young. And dumb. And desperately hoping to hear something about a boy coming into our lives in the near future. We believed in psychics then. Because we didn't know any better. So, if she told any of our pre-teen selves that we had a horrible curse on us, well, you bet your ass we would have been shaking in our Doc Martens.

And this is exactly what happened to a 12-year-old California girl. Except the "psychic" was her friend's mom, and the only way to remove said curse was to steal $10,000 worth of jewelry to give to her.

I swear I'm not making this up. Ask your psychic.


The woman, Jackeline Lopez, who adorned her garage with candles, chalk outlines, beads, skulls, and dolls, gave her daughter's friend a "reading" and told her that she had a horrible curse on her and terrible things would happen to her and her family if she did not have it removed. Of course, the only way to have the curse removed was to pay Jackeline a large sum of money. For the next few weeks, the 12-year-old girl brought more and more of her family's jewelry to Jackeline, who would place it in a cauldron, in hopes that it was enough to remove the spell. It never was. After every attempt, Jackeline would say she hadn't brought enough, and if she wanted the hex removed, she would have to bring more.

Eventually, her family realized that there was $10,000 worth of jewelry missing and their daughter came clean. They immediately called the police and were able to work with pawn shops to connect Jackeline, and some random dude, to the case of the stolen jewels.

After learning about Jackeline and her horrible scheme, and after the rage subsided, I predominately felt sad. Sad that there was a poor little girl out there, thinking it was up to her to save her family from violence. Sad that there was a poor little girl out there, thinking there was something wrong with her.

Jackeline, you are a terrible person, and an even worse psychic. And that's not an easy thing to be. Because psychics are, you know, fake.

Do you believe in psychics?


Image via Tom Hilton/Flickr

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