Amanda Knox Jail Details Are Sickening

Amanda Knox home

There's that photo of Amanda Knox's very modest two-story yellow house in Seattle, where she is said to be enjoying her newfound freedom just hanging out with family and friends, that keeps popping up. Today, Knox apparently ventured out her doors for the very first time since her release to go to the store for some toothpaste and a Hershey's bar. It made me think of how anytime I have to run to the store for toothpaste, I complain because it's just one more annoying errand. But what I should do is shut up and be grateful that I'm able to leave my house to pick up a tube of damn toothpaste just like Amanda Knox is. If only the simple things in life would remain that simple for the woman known all over Europe as Foxy Knoxy. While she may have escaped a murder charge and that horrible prison cell, Knox's legal troubles are only just beginning.


The Kercher family, who still won't believe or forgive Knox for what they say is her involvement in their daughter's murder, are planning to sue Knox for $12 million (the amount she was ordered to pay when first convicted, but that got put on hold during the appeal). It strikes me as odd that the family would be able to even launch a suit like that in the face of the appeal finding Knox not guilty, and I would think their time is better spent pressuring the Italian authorities to find their daughter's true killer (whoever that is) rather than to keep hitting this dead point.

Then there's the whole issue of whether Amanda Knox will decide to launch a lawsuit of her own -- against those creeps in the Italian jail that supposedly constantly harassed her sexually. Stories about prison guards coming into her cell late at night and another official calling her to his office alone under the guise of a "late night meeting" are just beginning to come to light. In one case, the prison officials even made up a story that she was HIV positive in order to trick her into writing down the names of all the men she slept with. Knox wrote in her diary how she hoped it wasn't true, that she didn't want to die. This makes the stories we hear about American prisons sound like a country club.

But I can't believe Knox would want to do that, especially if she'd probably have to go back to Italy to do it, and will likely be facing the Kerchers' civil suit. The Knox family had to mortgage their yellow family home to pay for their daughter's legal bills as it is. Where is the money for the next lawyer going to come from? From her interviews with the media? A book deal? Things are getting very complicated very fast, and if I were Amanda Knox, I would be eating Hershey bars too, lots of them, because chocolate may not solve any of her problems, but in some little way, it helps.


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