Great-Granny Leads Police on World's Slowest Car Chase

ford fiestaThere are tons of fantastic car chase stories and movies, featuring beautifully crafted Italian- or German-made machines weaving in and out of traffic, drifting to avoid collisions, and off-roading down city steps at warp speeds. This, however, is not one of those stories. In fact, it just might be the antithesis of the standard car chase tale. For starters, let me tell you that it's being called the "world's slowest police chase" and it involves a great-grandmother and a blue Ford Fiesta.


Caroline Turner, a 76-year-old woman from London, was out for a drive when she got turned around in a traffic circle and started going the wrong way down the street. The police were called and an hour-long chase ensued. Going no more than 10 miles an hour the whole time, the police followed Turner for 60 miles.

When three police cars, a closed road, and a roadblock didn't stop Turner, the cops had to think out of the box. One brave, mildly in-shape officer decided to run up along Turner's car, knock on her window, and tell her to pull over. You know a car chase is the world's slowest when someone on foot catches up to the vehicle. I believe the exchange went something like the cop jogged easily up to her car, got Turner's attention, made the universal roll-down-your-window sign with his arm, Turner looked surprised, offered him a cookie, realized what she'd done, got embarrassed, thanked the cop for his service, pulled over, and boom: Problem solved.

Turner revealed that she was surprised to see someone at her door-side, but I got to assume that Turner is surprised by a lot these days. Going the wrong way for over 60 miles at 10 mph doesn't exactly make it sound like she's completely with it.

Cops took her into custody and kept her in jail overnight -- they didn't want to risk letting her go and having her drive the 60 miles back home. Who knows where she might have ended up.

Is this not the sweetest yet scariest car chase you've ever heard of? The police literally caught up to her on foot, for crying out loud. It must have seemed like it was all happening in slow motion. Because it kinda was. I can't help but make a frowny face and a smiley face when I tell Turner's story because it's so sad but also so funny! My face is a mess of emotions right now.

London can rest a little easier tonight knowing that her license has been revoked for a year. No more slow-speed chases until next fall, England.


Photo via exfordy/Flickr

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